Feeding The Poor

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We should all provide food for the poor. So many families die every day of starvation while we waste our food. If they don’t have food to keep moving and staying healthy it’s not possible for them to work and make a living for themselves. Everyone should have the right to live a healthy life especially when there are tones of food being wasted every day.

Thousands of people are dying because of hunger. People become less productive and able to work without food, we need to help them out. No one deserves to go through the pain of starvation, that’s why we should provide food for the poor.

What We Did Last Year

Our Goal In This Initiative

Distributing meals to lesser privileged families

Providing mid day meals in schools in rural areas

A healthy meal is the foundation for a healthy life. It’s time to break the cycle of poverty, and give everyone a chance to succeed.

That’s why Sahaya Samvrudhi Seva is committed to providing nutritious meals to those who need it most. Donate today and help us provide nutritious meals for less fortunate families like yours.⁣

“I remember the feeling when I and my sister didn’t get to eat for two days. Every time Sahaya Samvrudhi Seva gives me and my sister something to eat, we thank them wholeheartedly.”

Ravi – Telangana

We believe in sustainability. So we’re not just giving out food, we’re empowering communities. We sponsor a child’s education for every meal that’s distributed to a family in need. We serve more than just food, we serve hope.⁣⁣

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